“My main focus is helping others in embracing sustainable and ethical practices, positively impacting the world as we explore.”

Katelyn Eaton – DGTravel Founder

Welcome all

Hi, I’m Katelyn Eaton, and welcome to Do Good Travel! My mission is to inspire and guide travelers like you in embracing sustainable and ethical practices, making a positive impact on the world as you explore. I founded Do Good Travel in 2023 to share practical tips, destination guides, and in-depth articles that help you reduce your ecological footprint and support local communities while experiencing the best our planet has to offer.

My journey into sustainable travel began with my passion for environmental conservation and responsible tourism. I realized that there was a growing community of like-minded travelers seeking guidance on how to minimize their impact on the environment and the places they visit. Fueled by my love for travel and my dedication to sustainability, I created this website to share my experiences, insights, and knowledge, hoping to make a difference in the way people explore the world.

At Do Good Travel, I believe in the power of responsible tourism to create positive change. I am committed to providing accurate, up-to-date, and actionable information that helps you make informed decisions. My content creation process involves thorough research, collaboration with local experts, and firsthand experience to ensure the highest quality and relevance. I strive to be transparent, authentic, and environmentally conscious in all aspects of my work.

I invite you to join me on this journey toward sustainable and ethical travel. Together, we can make a difference for our planet, one adventure at a time.

My Mission and Goals

Inspire sustainable, eco-conscious travel

Advocate low-carbon travel choices

Empower local communities via tourism

Cultivate cultural respect in travelers

Promote environmental conservation, ethical wildlife

My 3 Easy Tips To Make A Change Today


Support local businesses, respect customs

Go Eco

Choose eco-friendly accommodations,

and transport.


Minimize waste, use reusable items, not single-use